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The mission of ITS is to produce superior sales growth for the Manufacturers we represent by providing technical expertise, excellent communication, exceptional service, and diligent promotion to both the end user and the Industrial Distributor.  ITS feels that this can best be accomplished by selling a limited number of high quality lines in a confined area of product concentration.

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ITS provides a mechanism for the Manufacturer to reach and service approximately 30,000 machine shops, defense contractors, and other metal working manufacturers found in its geographical area.  ITS works multiple lines with a concentrated group of Industrial Distributors and their combined 200 salespersons, ensuring your product will reach your potential customers.  A great deal of time is spent with the end user who provides the ultimate demand for the product and assures customer continuity in the event of any future individual distributor difficulty.


ITS provides training and product introduction seminars, end user and distributor mailings and quarterly newsletters, using its own desktop publishing capabilities.  ITS maintains a computer database on all end user calls and leads, has design capabilities to create non-standard customer solutions, and has fully qualified technical personnel to conduct successful product tests.  ITS, working with its principals participates at the annual Los Angeles Westec Show. In addition, ITS makes its warehouse and showroom available for those manufacturers who feel their efforts can be better served by a local, consigned inventory arrangement.

  Our Theory for Success  

Four primary elements, integrity, technical expertise, determination, and excellent market contacts make ITS successful and unique. ITS “takes” the product to the end user, stays within its own field of expertise, and solicits only Manufacturers who have similar values and the best product available for a specific area of application.


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