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  CHRISLYNN Presision Threaded Inserts
Helical * E-Z Lok *
K-Type Threaded Inserts
and Tooling
Clamping Technology
Portable Magnetic Drilling Systems HSS & Cobalt Annular Cutters
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Fasteners Clamps & Locators CMM Fixturing
Hoist Rings 6" Single Action Vise 8" Single Action Vise
Industrial Air Tools
Quality Torque Products

Carbide Cutting Tools
Drills   Mills Reamer Micro
Cut-Off Wheels Grinding & Finishing Discs  Grinding Wheels Flap Wheels Cones & Plugs  Vitrified Hand & Floor Rubs.
Precision Ground Reamers
HSS & Cobalt Reamers in fractional and decimal size
Resin Fiber Discs Hook and Loop Gripper Pads PSA Cloth Disc Pads Non-Woven Discs Flap Discs & Wheels Abrasive Rolls


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